The Art and Design of Aristotle Pramagioulis

Aristotle Pramagioulis is an art director and designer who works with many companies, events, artists, musicians, and artisans in promotional levels of design from online to print publications and logo and identity development. He has worked directly with Jeff Mach Events on the art development for events including Wicked Fair [Facebook], Steampunk World’s Fair [Facebook] and The Anachronism NYC [Facebook].  He has also worked for Intervention in design and development and numerous other conventions and festivals throughout the country.

Aristotle is also renown as the Creator and Artist for The Goblin Market. The Goblin Market is now becoming a developing community that focuses on featuring creators of art, music, and oddities from around the world to bring together those interested in the darker elements of anachronism. Many live events have featured The Goblin Market as an interactive VIP experience. At present, The Goblin Market  will be hosting The Nightshade Society  at Steampunk World’s Fair 2015 featuring programming and panels focused on the darker aspects of Victoriana and Steampunk.

Aristotle is currently available for commission-based work in collaboration and consultation on promotional materials as well as logo and design assistance in developing consise and strong branding. Please inquire in the “Contact” section or email him directly at apramagioulis@gmail.com.